Dear Rich Privileged Assholes

Hey guys remember me I waited on you tonight! I was the one you treated like I was the help. Ya I get that you are drunk and came in on a boat to eat at our lovely establishment, but ya know you are not that damn special. I have to fake smile and nod as you drunkly try to order food. And when it comes out the runner mistakenly give one of you the wrong plate but are too drunk to remember what you ordered, I have to correct it because his women is eating someone else food.

I politely ask the person who’s food it was if they would like us to remake it. She respond “I don’t give a shit.” Ya I understand your food came out later than it should of but I didn’t cook it and did everything in my power to make sure it came out good. Did you happen to see that, nope! So all I could do is respond “ok.” Trust me you little privileged bitch I wanted to smack your face into next Tuesday. But I just smile and nod.

Because you know what, your rudeness won’t be remembered because your nothing without your money. The only way you will be remembered is if I write about you and so I will because I am the writer and your nothing but the awful human beings in my story.


Oh the Holiday Season, Pass Me a Drink


Ya know I use to enjoy the holiday season, it use to excite me at one time in my life. Now that I’m an adult it friggin sucks. Something always happens to me that throws a monkey wrench in the whole event just to start it off. This year it was my new car getting rear ended by someone that was driving an uninsured car. Just friggin beautiful so I won’t see that money back for quite a while.

Well maybe i’ve just gotten too cynical for my own good. Then there is the big family events. I tell myself it’s not so bad, which really it isn’t I generally like these people but as i’m about to hit 30 it has gotten a tab bit different. Yes family I am still single and not planning on getting married any time soon. I don’t have kids not too focused on those either. I’d rather sit with the guys then the women at get togethers, since when did we become so segregated?

I’ll be in the corner with a big girl bottle of wine and the cheese…